Cisco Data Center Consultancy

CCIE Task Force specialises in Cisco Data Center solutions. Consolidation of resources into a centralized infrastructure enables customers to achieve substantial long term cost savings.

Cisco Data Center Consultancy becomes more and more important as business demands on the network are frequently increasing.

Our Cisco Data Center Consultants can assist you on blade architectures around the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series such as:

  • Cisco 6500 FWSM (Firewall Service Module)
  • Cisco 6500 IDSM-2 (Intrusion Detection System Service Module)
  • Cisco 6500 NAM (Network Analysis Module)
  • Cisco 6500 WiSM (Wireless Service Module)
  • Cisco 6500 VPNSM (VPN Service Module)
  • Cisco 6500 Anomaly Guard Module
  • Cisco 6500 ADM (Traffic Anomaly Detector Module)
  • Cisco 6500 CSM (Content Switching Module)
  • Cisco 6500 SSLM (Secure Socket Layer Module)
  • Cisco 6500 CSGM (Content Services Gateway Module)
  • Cisco 6500 AONM (Application-Orientated Networking Module)
  • Cisco 6500 CMM (Communications Media Module)

CCIE Task Force will ensure your Data Center Infastructure is ready to handle whatever gets thrown its way.

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