Wireless Networking

CCIE Task Force will configure your wireless networks, allowing for maximum productivity, security, and network resource access.  With our expertise you can be sure that the transition to wireless is a smooth and painless one.  In fact, you won't even notice it.

Some of the Wireless Services we provide:

  • Installation, Support and Configuration of all types of wireless Routers, Switches and Access-Points.
  • Site Surveys, intrusion detection and hardening, and wireless Network Design, etc...
  • IOS Based Wireless: Autonomous Access Points, Wireless LAN Solutions Engine (WLSE), WDS, Conversion to LWAPP etc.
  • Unified Wireless: Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, 4400 Series, 2200 Series, 5500 Series, WiSM module, ISR WLC modules etc.
  • Cisco Wireless Management: Wireless Control System (WCS), Mobility Services Engine (MSE), Navigator, Spectrum Expert.
  • Wireless Location: Location Based Services, Cisco 2700 Location Based Appliance, Cisco Mobility Services Engine (3300 Series) etc.
  • Cisco Wireless Security: 802.1x, ACS, WPA/WPA-2, AES, Certificates, Wireless IPS, Cisco Secure Services Client etc.
  • Cisco Wireless MESH Networking: 1500 series MESH access points etc.
  • Cisco Next Generation Wireless: 802.11n, 1140 series, 1250 series etc.
  • Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN): Wireless Quality of Service (QOS), Site Surveys etc.


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