Support Methods

Remote Support

Our most powerful support method available-Virtual On-site Support allows our Certified Engineers direct access to your network to resolve issues. We are able to do this securely using VPN, SSH and our own Virtual On-Site Support (448-bit Encryption).


Our Virtual Support Software is state of the art with 528-bit Encryption


Allowing our Engineers to actually “See-What-You-See” through a website portal you access.Best of all this is a one time access and requires no installation.

With this technology it is possible for out team to quickly identify and resolve any technical issues while your staff can watch the solution in real time. This translates into real cost and time savings that are passed on to you.


On-Site Support

In addition to our Virtual On-Site Support, any of our Certified Engineers are available to you for on-site assistance.

While this is generally not a recommended option due to the additional downtime and cost associated with travel, it may be necessary in some cases where issues cannot be resolved remotely.

CCIE Task Force also offers on-site training for your staff, helping them to identify, recognize, and prevent problems before they occur. If an issue does arise, your staff will be prepared with the necessary tools to resolve it with minimum downtime.


24x7 Phone & E-mail Support

The CCIE Task Force Support Team understands that your mission critical business applications and infrastructure can't afford long downtime's. Most issues that businesses encounter on a day to day basis may not need the type of rapid response that your most critical applications do.

As Part of CCIE Task Force services:

  • Will provide support 24x7 between our support staff and your company so that you can call on us anytime, anywhere and we will respond with expediency and determination to resolve your issue as soon as is possible.
  • You may also establish instant virtual connection via Live Chat or utilize our Virtual On-Site Engineer Technology and get on screen support from a Certified Network Engineer.


For More information call us at 1-877-800-2173 or you may Click Here for out contact form.

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