How to backup your Cisco Config.

In this post i will show you how to backup you Cisco configuration.

Follow these simple steps to backup your config:

1. Download your favorit TFTP Server (mine is TFTPD32 and its free).

2. log into you Cisco device and type in the following command (in enable mode):

copy run tftp

Than you will be prompted with a few questions (here is a sample backup process):

Iswitch#copy run tftp
Address or name of remote host []? x.x.x.x.x     -------------> inset here the IP address of your TFTP Server
Destination filename [iswitch]? backup-file-name  ------------> enter a name for the backup file to be
7791 bytes copied in 3.136 secs (2484 bytes/sec)

That is it, you have backed up your config :)


If the occasion calls and you need to restore your file, all you have to do is use the following command:

copy tftp start -----will restore the backup file to your start up config (a reload in required for the config to take effect).

or you may type:

copy tftp run

Which will make the config copy on-top of the running config.

That is it, you are good to go.



CCIE Task Force - Team